Rustic Feral

Rustic Feral is a brand that treasures and hopes to renew the tradition of leatherwear in New Zealand

Founded in 2019, Rustic Feral is a New Zealand based men’s clothing apparel that reinterprets the concept of leather clothing for independent, successful cosmopolitan men who are sensitive to quality, authenticity and performing materials.

Sustainable… Pure…

Our hope being that the kiwi man stops thinking of leather clothing and accessories as purely for motorcyclists. Instead we will offer all kiwi men a choice of genuine quality clothing that will last for years to come.

We have initially started with Lamb Napa Leather Jackets and cow hide leather bags, but we have no intention of stopping here. Our range of men’s apparel will grow in the years to come.

All our products are handmade by experienced craftsmen, armed with skills that have been passed on in their families for generations. Hides are sourced as by-products from the meat industry and our craftsmen hand pick each to ensure the level of quality we promise our customers.

We SAY NO to chemicals, all our products are vegetable tanned giving the jacket a natural coloured look, it also ensure the natural grain is protected and its softness retained.


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